It's like putting sunshine in your pocket Remove the legwork of going solar with your own personal solar expert.

Hassle-Free Solar

We compare solar companies for you so that you can bank on sunshine.

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Our Story

Why go solar? Cheap energy. Clean energy. Independent energy. All great things! With the solar industry being so young, there are still a lot of unknowns to the average homeowner. Comparing costs, financing methods, equipment types, and installer options can be overwhelming. What’s worse is having to deal with constant sales calls and canvassers knocking on your door. When you’re ready to get serious, then you have to deal with multiple salesmen coming into your home to give their pitch.

We realized what a terrible and inefficient experience this was, and decided to change it by launching Green World Pro. To us, delivering the ultimate customer experience meant minimizing our customer’s effort.

You’re the center of our solar system.

What We Offer

Less Work

After a quick conversation about your energy needs, we’ll get started finding the best quotes in your area.

More Savings

By creating competition and optimizing the sales process for solar providers, we’re able to lower your costs by as much as 20%.


You can turn sunshine into savings

One third of all American homes could pay less for their energy with a home solar power system. And electricity prices in most areas have been rising.

So not only can you lock in predictable solar costs now, your savings could potentially increase over time. So the sooner you go solar, the more you could save.

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